Baby born after the death of both parents

A surrogate mother gave birth to the baby

Baby born after the death of both

NEW YORK: As per the report, a surrogate mother in China gave birth to a baby, whose parents died in 2013.

The report says the parents of the newly born baby died in a car crash in 2013.

The biological parents hoped one day the embryos frozen they had become their children during rounds of in vitro fertilization. Records show after the car crash, their parents, newly born baby’s grandparents, fought a legal battle to use the embryos and hire a surrogate to carry them.

They won the right to the embryos. After their win, a woman from Laos became their surrogate.

The two couples could not move the embryos from their home at the Nanjing hospital, even after the legalities were settled. So, they searched for a surrogate outside of the country.

The surrogate mother gave birth to Tiantian in China, ensuring the boy’s citizenship. The four grandparents had to go through DNA testing to ensure that the boy was a part of their family.

Written by Russel Walker

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