Best Educational Institutes in New York

New York, the city that never sleeps, is one of the United States’ most populated cities. It is home to numerous industries like showbiz, art, technology, and finance. It has excellent educational institutes, featured in QS World University Ranking 2020, making the city one of the most incredible study destinations. If you are planning on studying abroad and New York is one place on your list, then we have narrowed down 5 top universities in New York just for you.

  1. Cornell University

Cornell University is rated as the best university in New York and as the 14th globally. It is one of the eight prestigious Ivy League that provides academic and vocational courses to students worldwide. It was the first-ever university that practiced and offered veterinary courses and Far-Eastern languages.

This university is located about 200 miles north-west of NYC, with its main campus in Ithaca and an institutional medical center in Manhattan. Recently a campus solely for technology has been opened on Roosevelt Island. This university offers some courses for everyone. Moreover, it grants need-based financial assistance to its students in terms of loans and student employment.

  1. Columbia University

Columbia University is a private educational institute ranked at 18th in QS World University Rankings and 10th throughout the United States. With Barack Obama being its alumni, this is another of the Ivy League universities.

Located in the Upper West of Manhattan, 90% of the student body lives on the campus, and this university has various student activities to entertain and keep the students occupied.

  1. New York University

New York University is ranked as the 39th best university in the world. It is recognized abroad because of its exchange students as well as their international students that make a good percentage of the student body.

The main campus of NYU is in Washington Square in Green Village, which offers a creative and fresh environment to the students of NYU. With time many sharp minds good at different skills such as writing, sketching, and singing have been attracted towards applying to this university.

  1. Yeshiva University

Ranked as the 359th best university in the world, the primary motive of Yeshiva University was to combine and preach the Jewish traditions with today’s western heritage. The customs and traditions of Jews can be extensively seen in the works and architecture of this university.

Yeshiva University is relatively smaller than other universities in this region. However, it has multiple campuses across the three borough Manhattan, the Bronx, and Queens, with its main campus in Washington Heights.

  1. The New School

The New School University is a private research university with a large number of international students bringing in different cultures and traditions and making it a diversified, multi-cultural university. Some of the recognized alumni of this university are Bradley Cooper, Tom Ford, and Burt Bacharach.

Situated on 5th Avenue in New York, this college has seven academic divisions. These divisions include liberal arts, music, drama, jazz and contemporary music, public engagement, social research, and design.

Written by Russel Walker

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