Essential Landmarks You Must Visit in New York.

New York is a city full of architectural beauty. This city is filled with a ton of tall and stunning buildings, each one with its own significance and elegance. These buildings are the attraction of the city, and all add to its attractiveness in their own unique way. Whether you are already a Ney Yorker or you’re planning to visit NYC, here are some of the most remarkable architectural designs that you wouldn’t want to miss when in this magnificent city.

Top 8 landmarks in New York:

  1. One World Trade Centre

One WTC also known as the freedom tower is one of the tallest and the most beautiful skyscrapers in NYC, which allows you to look at some stunning views of Manhattan with an essence of strong historical content. You can enjoy the ever so majestic and captivating view of the sun setting through the windows of the tower.

  1. Brooklyn Bridge

Connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn, this bridge is situated right above New York City’s East River. The cables and granite towers have made a secure commute for everyone, and this bridge roughly carries around 150,000 pedestrians and vehicles on an average daily. This bridge is 6,016 feet long, and you can take about 30 minutes to cover on foot. Be that as it may, take a walk of the bridge with your loved one during the sunset and enjoy some beautiful views and click some pictures to cherish forever.

  1. Washington Square Park

Want to get a closer look at the New York city life? Well, Washington Square is the perfect place to catch up on some jazz music, delicious fries, street food and a group of New Yorkers in their element, having some fun time. Moreover, you can visit and skim through some shops on the nearby streets or Broadway.

  1. Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island

This place needs no introduction since we are all well familiar with the standing lady; a symbol of freedom and peace. The statue of liberty is a must to visit. No one can leave New York without having a look at it, and getting to know it’s history while taking the tour of this magnificent place. Furthermore, at a short distance, you can visit Ellis Island, which was formerly a station for thousands of immigrants.

  1. Trinity Church

Visiting this church is an overall heartwarming experience, to say the least. Trinity church is situated in Lower Manhattan, that has been built to perfection with stainless glass and gothic designs. This church has a very rich history and is welcoming to everyone.

  1. New York Public Library

If you are someone who’s into reading and loves books and want to experience that calm and peaceful vibe of a library, then this place is for you. Even if you do not have the time to grab something to read, a visit here is a must, when in New York. This library is very attractive inside out, and you certainly won’t regret your decision once you visit it.  Moreover, you might learn a thing or two about their history. Also, they have a marvellous book collection and are the primary research centre of NYC.

  1. Empire State Building

You certainly can not miss this tourist spot while visiting New York. It is one of the most popular buildings in the world, serving some of the most magnificent views of the city from their 102nd floor. You can order food and beverages at the observatory and enjoy the beautiful sunset from walls all around the hall.

  1. The vessel

One of the most unique landmarks of NYC. A building built by a combination of stairs combining each part of the building. The vessel is all about stairs, stairs and some more stairs. The structure of the building is fascinating, and the views from the tops are beautiful. It is a place that is enjoyed by kids as well as adults is something you wouldn’t want to miss when in New York. Moreover, you can capture some amazing pictures ant this stunning location.

Written by Russel Walker

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