Fancy Restaurants for Dine-In in New York City

The diversified, multilingual big city has something for everyone. Nevertheless, the tourists are attracted to its view, history, buildings, theatre, and shops. Another thing that makes this city stand out is its eateries and fancy restaurants. If you want to plan an exclusive date or a dinner with a proposal followed, New York has some amazing most romantic restaurants for you and your partner. In this article, we have discussed the best and fancy restaurants for your date nights.



If you wish to dine at the L’Artusi, you must make reservations beforehand, or else there are high chances you’ll be eating somewhere else. This place is an Italian cuisine that provides its customers with an intimate and cozy ambiance with traditional food. There recommended dishes are Brussel Sprouts and Roasted Pork chops.


The NoMad Restaurant

The NoMad Restaurant has a luxurious touch with a glass ceiling, letting you experience a fancy dinner under the stars. The restaurant is a literal representation of glam meets the world, a contemporary American style restaurant with extraordinary service. People who have visited the restaurant loved their Crab Tagliatelle.



Buvette is another fancy restaurant in New York City that almost always has a crowd in line waiting to be seated. The Buvette offers French cuisine and a French experience to its customers. It’s a restaurant, bar, and café all in one. It has elegance and good energy to it that attracts the customers to dine in and have a good time.


Le Bernardin

The Le Bernardin restaurant has taken a sophisticated and creative approach to seafood. This place has received the most JamesBeard Awards in New York City, and it was also ranked in the world’s 50 best restaurants in 2019. Even though the restaurant is mainly known for its seafood dishes, it still has a good grasp over its vegetarian menu. The restaurant’s signature dishes include kindai maguro and wagyu beef.



This restaurant is another contemporary french cuisine located in the SoHo area. In a city that keeps changing with every passing second, Raoul’s have been around for almost 40 years. The restaurant has a warm and welcoming environment in a busy neighborhood that allures people to experience and dine in.

Written by Russel Walker

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