Free of Charge Enjoyable Things in NYC.

Even though we are all aware of how extravagant New York City is, there are still some activities that a tourist or local can do with no cent in their pockets. From some free tourist locations to free meditation courses, there’s so much that you can do in New York. To help you make your way through this big city with no hard cash, we have prepared a guide for you and what you can do to drift leisure time.


  1. Museums and Monuments

New York is an expensive city and even going to museums and monuments usually come at a value. But to our luck, some museums provide discounts or put up offers on occasions. Moreover, some museums are free for visitors all day every day, such as General Ulysses S Grant National Memorial.

  1. Art Installation and Galleries

New York City has made it easy for tourists and locals to observe and distinguish the artwork that is on display throughout the state. The outer borough of Chelsea has many art installations that can be praised for free any day. Japan Society Gallery that features some of the most alluring art pieces in regards to Japan is free of charge for all every Friday.

  1. Food and Drink deals

If you are left with just a few cents, then it is suggested that you head over to bars downtown because many of these spots offer a complimentary side dish with a purchase of a drink. This way, you will end up with a brimful full stomach at a minimal cost. For instance, The Levee in Williamsburg offers free cheese puffs daily.

  1. Walking Tours

If you are a fan of architecture and history, then there are many free walking trips. New York City is one of the greatest city to survey on foot since there is history and art in almost every district. Even when some tour guides can be costly, some organizations show you around parks and some lowkey tourist attractions for free. You just need to make reservations in advance.

  1. Live Entertainment

New York is the liveliest of the cities and the one to never go to sleep, it’s not hard to find free amusements around here. Throughout the boroughs, there are countless live events or acts taking place either at a discounted price or sometimes even totally free. It can be anything from an open mic to karaoke or an improve show.


Written by Russel Walker

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