Like Alex Trebek and Rush Limbaugh, Howard Stern promises not to die broadcasting

“I feel bad for the poor man”

 Howard Stern promises not to die broadcasting

NEW YORK: Howard Stern said he won’t watch the late Alex Trebek’s last episode of “Jeopardy.” Neither would he keep broadcasting if he were fellow radioman Rush Limbaugh, who declared almost a year back that he was fighting terminal cancer.

“(Trebek) was taping them while he was suffering, he was in a tremendous amount of pain… I don’t want to see that. I really don’t. I feel bad for the poor man,” Stern said Wednesday.

On Nov. 8 Trebek lost his two-year battle with pancreatic cancer, yet not prior to taping a few additional episodes of the hit game show he hosted for 36 years. Those shows are broadcasting this week, finishing with a message Trebek recorded in which he requests that viewers be caring to each other after he’s gone.

“This is the opposite of me … he knows he’s dying,” Stern said. “I’d be so bitter you wouldn’t want me on the air if I was dying. I’d be like ‘F–k you, I can’t believe you get to live and I’m going.’ Ridiculous.”

Stern likewise remarked on Republican pundit and fellow broadcaster Rush Limbaugh, who declared a year ago that he had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. The 66-year-old shock jock said he’s incredulous regarding his 69-year-old counterpart’s claim on the grounds that Limbaugh has never looked better.

”He must love doing that show because if they said to me you’ve got a couple of months to live, I don’t know what I’m going to do, but I’ll tell you what, I’m not sitting here with you folks,” Stern said to his listeners. “No offense. I’m not going to sit here and die entertaining you.”

Written by Russel Walker

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