Interior designers in New York City

When it comes to designing one’s own house, who would want to compromise? Let’s be honest, we all want a luxuriously styled home that is also well furnished. However, it must be the right balance of comfort, coziness, and nothing gaudy and over. Even though every lady in the house prefers to have customized homes, we all know that things can go a little over the board. This is where an interior designer can assist you and help you design the house of your dreams while also keeping all your preferences and suggestions on the table. To make it easier for you to decide, we have narrowed down a few of the top interior designers in the State of New York just for you.


Bella Mancini

Bella Mancini is a hardworking woman, wife, and mother who knows how to design a house for a family with children. While also keeping the house sophisticated, polished, and pleasing to your or your guests’ eye. This woman and her team’s motive is to provide her clients with a practical and unique house in its own way.


Joyce Elizabeth Tranchida

After studying architecture from Europe, Joyce Elizabeth’s signature style is to design small spaces to make them functional. Joyce’s work has been featured in many magazines, and she has worked for some well-known personalities such as Kylie Bax. She and her team work together to provide their clients with the most luxurious and high-end houses under a budget.


Brad Ford

Brad Ford has been mentioned in two of New York’s famous magazines under the category of “10 New Designers to Watch.” One of the high-end designers in New York City, Brad, has an excellent grasp and balance over the use of light, colors, textures, and neutral items to design most of his pieces. He and his firm work towards catering designs that go with the lifestyle and personalities of their clients.


Jamie Drake

Jamie Drake is an artist and designer behind some great masterpieces put out to the world. Some of his well-known clients include Madonna and Michael Bloomberg. He has gained recognition for his use of bold and vivid colors along with modern touch. Even with bold and statement-making designs, his work is always welcoming and cozy.


Vicente Wolf

Based in Manhattan, Vicente Wolf and his work is drive by his passion for photography, art, and travel. With his firm based in New York, the interior designer has worked worldwide, such as Japan, France, Saudia Arabia, and more holding experience in residential and commercial projects.

Written by Russel Walker

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