Museum of Ice cream in NYC for People with Sweet tooth.

New York has many hidden spots that are yet to be discovered and explored. Recently another of NY’s tourist attraction has been opened in San Fransisco that have swept Ice cream lovers off their feet. The Museum of ice cream in San Francisco, New York is a pop-up exhibit of ice cream, candies, sprinkles and so much more.

The interior of this place is another world on its own. To welcome the visitors into the land of strawberry ice cream, the walls of this Museum are painted pink the colour of a strawberry scoop. When entered the guest are asked to pick their ice cream names inspired by some celebrity before they begin the tour.

Ahead of the New York opening in 2016, a permanent location in San Fransisco and a pop up in Los Angeles and two in New York City have been launched.

The confounder of this place, Manish Vora, addresses this place as a “three-year dream.” The Museum of icecream was first opened in 2016, and it is said that this place was entirely designed upon creative imagination and guest demand. The new NYC museum has 13 new installations featured which includes a three-story slide,’ Celestial subway’ NY styled and the biggest pool of sprinkles till date.

The good thing is that this creative imagination is not only for children, but the vicinity is also such designed that even parents can have their own fun id they want. The permanent New York location of the Museum of Ice cream is situated at 558 Broadway. It is open from Wednesday through Mondays from 9:00 am to 9:30 pm. The cost of the ticket is $39 per person, but children of age two and under are free.

Written by Russel Walker

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