Must Visit Tourist Spots in New York City

New York is packed with tourist attractions that you certainly wouldn’t want to miss. Be it a trip to the very famous Statue of Liberty or the colorful and entertaining Museum of Ice Cream. Each place has its own uniqueness and essence that would be an experience of a lifetime on its own. There are innumerable places and spots worth a visit when you are in New York, but we have mentioned the top 8 sites on almost every visitor’s wish list.


  1. Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty was a gift from France on America’s 100th birthday. It has been a symbol of freedom ever since. The copper-plated Lady Liberty is standing 305 feet tall on Liberty Island in Manhattan, New York.

  1. Central Park

Central Park is featured among the largest urban parks globally, making it a famous symbol in Manhattan and tourist attraction in New York. The sources of attractions are artificial lakes, waterfalls, and wooden architecture.

  1. Rockefeller Center

The energy, atmosphere, and vibe at Rockefeller Center are never dull or boring; the excitement and magic are always alive. Located in midtown Manhattan this large complex lets the visitors experience the landmark skyscrapers and some of other New York’s attractions from its building.

  1. Broadway and the Theatre District

Situated in the theatre district mainly within 41st street to 52nd street and Sixth Avenue to Eighth Avenue, over 13 million individuals experience these Broadway shows every year. Keep in check with the Theatre website to avail yourself of great discounts on some most beloved Broadway shows.

  1. Empire State Building

There is no chance that a bystander in midtown Manhattan, New York, won’t notice the tall skyscraper in the skyline; it is definitely one of those buildings to leave a long term impression on the viewer. Apart from its exterior, the interior of the building is something in itself. The most eye-catching is its celestial styled ceiling designed with 23 karat gold stars.

  1. The Highline

In the past, the Highline was a much-used railway line. However, ever since 2019, it has been considered a city’s unique park when it was designed into a park. The park features amazing views, artwork, and nature that a stroll through this place is all one needs to make himself feel better and serene.

  1. Times Square

The heart of New York City lies in the busy Times Square. This place is the hub to all the entertainment centers and shopping centers. It is one of the most visited tourist spots with almost a 50million visitors annually. The celebrations and holiday season in this area are incomparable to any other place.

  1. Brooklyn bridge

Brooklyn Bridge is the first engineered bridge that used steel cable wires for its construction. The bridges stretch long over the East River and connect the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn. A person taking a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge can experience the breathtaking and spectacular views of Manhattan.

Written by Russel Walker

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