NYC Coffee Shops Offering Admirable Experiences During COVID-19.

Undergo the best experience of coffee shop aroma and beauty that you missed during all these months.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic when half of the world is lockdown for no idea how long, the coffee shops and their aroma isn’t the same anymore. However, still, some of our days won’t start without some shot of caffeine even if we had to consume homemade coffee. Now that the world has accepted Covid’19 as its new norm, various shops, restaurants and activity centres are reopening under strict SOPs. Here we have listed down some outstanding coffee shops that are now serving their customers with hot brewing coffee to get them through the day.


  1. Lenox Coffee Roaster

Lenox Coffee Roaster is a spot that serves according to your mood. They serve coffee and pastries, as well as wine and beer. However, their strong suit is obviously coffee whose beans are roasted out of Red Hook, and the milk is also brought in from Battenkill Valley upstate. The menu is finite and limited, but each item has got the taste.

  1. Dulceria New York City

The Dulceria, New York City, is a freshly constructed brick wall bakery that serves the best coffee in town. It has all the items that a bakery has such as bread, breadsticks, sandwiches, cakes and their most beloved pastries. The café is in work all days of the week and offers delivery services through Seamless as well.

  1. Plowshares Coffee Bloomingdale

Plowshare Coffee claims itself to be New York’s favorite coffee. This place roasts their own coffee beans to bring perfection to your morning cup of caffeine. Apart from its coffee, Plowshare offers a vast range of fresh and well-baked goods that impresses its customers and make them want to stop by again. One of their most indulging items is their pastries which they outsource from Bien Cuit, an award-winning bakery.

  1. Super Nice Coffee and Bakery by Danny Macaroons

The coffee available at this coffee shop is extraordinary, especially it’s dulche de leche lattes which are surely going to leave a deep rooted taste on your tongue. While you are at this deightful, cozy coffee spot try one of their baked goods and I assure you that it will be money well spent. This bakery is always changing its menu but never have they ever downgraded. Every time they have outdone themselves and introduced top-notch items.

  1. Culture Espresso

Culture Espresso is an independent local coffee shop that can beat Starbuck or any other coffee shop any time, any day. The coffee beans are brought in from diverse farms and roasters, and the barista at the place takes it upon themselves to serve their customers in the best possible techniques. Additionally, there are many other baked goods on the menu from several bakeries in the city to enjoy with your coffee.

Written by Russel Walker

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