NYC. The City Of Unforgettable And Memorable Experiences.

Being one of the world’s leading metropolises of art, New York City is sure to leave you with countless thrilling and unforgettable adventures. From heading out to the New York Botanical Garden and the Bronx Zoo in the Bronx to taking your pick from an array of amazingly ethnic restaurants in Queens, NYC has everything you could ask for.

And if you’re aiming for that touristy vibe, what better than to take the Staten Island Ferry and admire the great view of downtown Manhattan. After all, no trip to New York is complete without a ride to the Staten Island Ferry. The vantage point from the waterways is another great way to see NYC in its full glory. Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises passes by all the landmarks twice (both coming and going), some of which include Wall Street, Ellis Island, and the ever-iconic Brooklyn Bridge.

Moreover, as mentioned before, New York City is one of the leading metropolises of art in the world with an unparalleled art scene. The Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, along with other museums, provide the public with great art from around the world. Earlier this year, a group of 7 South-Korean musicians, BTS, in collaboration with British sculptor Anthony Gormley, launched a global contemporary art initiative in New York’s Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 3, which has been gaining popularity and uniting art and music lovers which is further proof that the city is rich with artistic gems and holds them in high prestige.

There are also music gigs where you can listen to live music every night, all year round. Madison Square Garden and Brooklyn’s Barclays Center are stadiums that sellout acts are quick to grab. Other than these two, Webster hall, Kings Theatre in Flatbush, Beacon Theatre, and others also attract big names. However, there’s much more to savor than art and music. Like food!

New York is heaven for foodies. The city has about 23,000 restaurants, and it is estimated that 60 international cuisines are served there. The chefs are always at the top of their innovative game, from combining old-school recipes with new ideas for main courses to creating entirely new desserts that have people lining up for hours outside the restaurants. You could stop by Dominique Ansel in SoHo for a Cronut or get your fill of something traditional from the world-famous Katz’s Delicatessen on the Lower East Side.

Once you get a taste of the Big Apple, everywhere else is going to seem dull to you. The city’s energy is unmatched, and it has so many unforgettable things in store, you’re bound to come back for more.

Written by Russel Walker

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